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My Forty-Third Design: The Swimming Man

I created this design on 28 May 2021. It's my first figurative origami design. 

I was sitting on the beach and my friend was swimming. I looked at the sea and thought "Why not?" It's not perfect but it give the feeling of the movement. That's even surprising because I created it in ten minutes or so.

As I was taking photos, I realized that it wasn't as easy as the geometrical ones. But I'll give it a try anyway. (They are also reminders for me.)

It can be used as a bookmark, too! I tried to change the color so that the man could really seem to swim. But then it was no longer a bookmark. So, I left the variation aside for now.

How to fold the Swimming Man

Step 1

Fold the square paper in half on both sides.

Step 2

Fold both diagonals.

Step 3

Fold one corner as if you are folding an octagon.

Step 4

Turn the paper back. Fold the line shown.

Step 5

Turn the paper over. It will look like that.

Step 6

Fold the side of the paper inside as shown.

Step 7

Fold the other side inside, too. Don't fold too hard. We'll work on both sides. There you see what's going to be the head.

Step 8

Fold a layer down to the line and aline three layers at the bottom.

Step 9

Fold the left part behind the "head".

Step 10

See the shape that will be the second arm. Don't flatten the paper yet.

Step 11

Fold the back of the arm as shown. 

Step 12

Fold the arm back.

Step 13

We'll shape the bottom part. First fold the right side in. 

Step 14

Then fold the middle part in.

Step 15

You have the basic man now. Turn the paper over.

Step 16

Fold the back of the left arm as shown so that it becomes thinner.

Step 17

Turn the paper over again.

Step 18

Fold the left arm a little as shown. Now the figure is swimming.

Step 19

Shape the head from the sides and the top. Don't forget that it should point towards the "sea".

Step 20

Fold the left side back as shown, if you want to use it as a bookmark.

If you fold the Swimming Man and share it on Instagram or Facebook, please don't forget to tag @origamidekor!

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